For the Bathroom No one likes to talk about the bathroom , but there are some common-sense supplies that will make your life easier when it comes to your RV privy.

RV-Friendly Toilet Paper

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Forget about squeezing the Charmin, folks! Your favorite brand is probably not safe for your RV septic system. Find a toilet paper that will break down well in your system, and you’ll never have problems. Scott makes a rapid-dissolving RV paper, Camco sells a RV and Marine Toilet paper, and more. You can even buy it in bulk and store it in your garage at home to save space.

Bathroom Chemicals
Speaking of the toilet paper situation, be sure to read up on your bathroom’s septic needs thoroughly, and always have plenty of chemicals to break everything down. It can get very expensive to fix the mistakes caused by not using these chemicals, and each system is a little different, so make sure you do your research on your own specific needs. I can’t tell you what is right, or wrong!

Electric Water Heater

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Some people don’t realize it, but you don’t have to rely on propane to heat your water for things like baths, showers, or even dishes and cooking. It’s sometimes called a lightning rod connector, and it screws into your hot water heater. This is often a lot cheaper than using propane, and it’s great if you have a touchy pilot light or you camp for long periods of time. Nowadays, there are also tankless electric water heaters which might be worth looking into.

Shampoo + Conditioner

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Even if you’re not going to be showering inside your RV, but instead using campground facilities, you’re going to want to have your own supplies.


Bar or liquid, whatever your preference is, make sure you’ve got enough to last you the trip – or you’ll end up washing with your shampoo by the end of it! We like biodegradable soap so that it makes less of an impact on the environment. Plus, as mentioned before, you can use it in a basin to wash your hands and then pitch it in the woods.

Shower Caddy

I really like having a portable shower caddy for convenience when getting to the campground shower, or keep it neat and tidy in my own bathroom. This also helps with things flying everywhere while I’m driving around – it’s all nice and secure in the caddy! Note: You may want to have more than one caddy so that each of you can visit the camp showers at the same time. Everyone having their own set saves time.


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I like doing an all-in-one lotion, but you may need something for your face and your body. Lotion is one of those luxury items that really makes a difference! Some lotions (like Avon’s Skin So Soft or Trader Joe’s Lemongrass Coconut oil) even act as mosquito repellants!


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This isn’t a luxury item, just a must. If you’ve got enough hair to comb, make sure you bring one! Like many items, I have a dedicated hairbrush that never leaves the RV; that way, I’ll never accidentally forget it.

Nail Clippers

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You probably don’t need a whole manicure set, but nail clippers and a nail file will save you when you’re struggling with a hangnail after a long day out.


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No one wants to smell you without it. Trust me.

Toothbrush + Toothpaste
Dental hygiene is not a joke. Take care of your teeth, even on the road!

Toilet Cleaner + Toilet Brush
Keep your RV toilet clean. When you’re living in such small quarters, a clean and fresh-smelling bathroom is essential.

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